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About Locust

Core Values 

For a Decade, the Locust team has been dedicated to designing, producing and marketing distinctive lines of high quality soccer apparel, balls, equipment and accessories for players and fans from around the world.

Locust is elated to contribute to the next step in the evolution of lifestyle and compression apparel with the launch of its new line of products under the slogan 'Trust your Instincts'. The Locust lifestyle apparel line embraces 'green minded' choices and the exploding popularity of soccer in North America. Combined these two aspects provide an innovative opportunity for new lifestyle fashion that will attract athletes of all sports. In keeping with our lifestyle line, the Locust compression garment line is a true celebration for the sports enthusiast. This unique and ergonomically tailored compression line utilizes the latest in natural microfiber textiles, providing exceptional durability and comfort.

The Locust brand is based on values which form the basis for all activities within the company:

  • proactive teamwork to meet our customers' needs
  • passion for soccer and an active lifestyle
  • appreciation for nature
  • importance of integrity and reliability


To build a global, world-class brand that reflects our passion and values in 'Creating Champions'.


To foster the growth and development of Locust into a leading brand within the soccer and lifestyle markets and thereby rise above the ordinary and beat the competition, as a bona fide soccer brand. Locust will fulfill this objective by developing, manufacturing and selling world-class products with exceptional quality, functionality and design.


Our Company has created three distinctive divisions:

Locust Performance 

The LOCUST® PERFORMANCE division is where functionality meets design. Our philosophy is simple; Locust designs will never compromise the functionality of our performance products. We strive to surpass the industry status quo, offering superior performance products that are designed by our team of professional players and engineers from around the world. It has always been Locust's mission to challenge and lead through creativity. Our products feature unique, top quality technology that will benefit players of any age or skill level. At Locust we believe in contributing to the success of all players and by thus... 'Creating Champions'

Locust Skintek

The LOCUST® SKINTEK division is dedicated to creating innovative technology by using natural microfibers that are engineered into a compression garment for enhanced performance. The Locust Skintek line offers ergonomically tailored compression garments comprised of technically advanced natural fabrics. Skintek's unique composite fabrics are not only moisture wicking, but also reduce odour and protect you from harmful UVA and UVB rays utilizing natural antibacterial fibers and UV inhibitors. 'Trust your Instincts'

Locust Lifestyle 

The LOCUST® LIFESTYLE division is focused on designing premium quality lifestyle apparel with a sporty fit. Our unique inspired designs are the ideal wear for the everyday active lifestyle. Composed of soft natural fibers, the lifestyle line offers moisture wicking, odour reducing and antibacterial benefits that are blended with UV inhibitors to protect both you and your clothing from harmful UVA and B rays. Locust Lifestyle wear is ergonomically tailored, providing a comfortable fit that you will never want to be without. Through our lifestyle positioning 'Trust your Instincts', we empower individuals to follow their unique dreams and goals.