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Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Locust® is a leading soccer and lifestyle brand for players and sports enthusiasts of all ages, with a manufacturing and distribution division in Toronto, Canada. The company is known for its functional products with cutting-edge designs. Its trademarked "Creating Champions" and “Trust your Instincts” slogans have contributed to significant brand interest in our selling markets.

Soccer is the one sport that continues to have overwhelming global appeal that is without national, cultural, religious, gender and socio-economic boundaries. Naturally, given its genuine global plasticity and steady growth, Soccer provides a sustainable market opportunity for Locust to exploit. According to FIFA the estimated overall number of soccer players worldwide has hit an all time high of 265 million players.

The phrase: “A Total Source Solution”, best describes Locust value proposition. Locust has direct control over all the core elements of the business process, from product design to product delivery, to customer feedback and follow-up.

The core element of our business concept is the ability for each Locust division to cross-market and cross-sell its products to the other divisions. This synergy, combined with an extensive industry network and commitment to being a low cost operator is what makes Locust a unique business model.

Another unique element to the Locust business concept is its marketing strategy. In line with its low cost operating strategy, Locust has developed a very cost effective marketing strategy. The focus is on leveraging our extensive celebrity and professional contacts, while establishing strong relationships with key industry players that can assist in promoting the Locust brand.

Locust is a private company that has proven its sustainability over the past decade and is in process of reviewing opportunities in Europe. Locust management has completed a 5-year financial plan that will take the Company to over $100 Million in revenue by 2012.

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Corporate Relations
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Press/Media Relations
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