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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility at Locust

A company’s actions speak louder than its words. At Locust, corporate responsibility can be seen in how we operate our business with integrity, environmental sustainability and giving back to the community.

We see corporate responsibility as an integral part of how we can use our brand, the energy and passion of our people, and our business to create meaningful change. So we have set aggressive business targets that embed our corporate responsibility goals into the company's long-term growth and innovative strategies because we believe there's no better way to achieve them than to tie them directly to our business.

Business Integrity

It’s been said that corporate responsibility isn’t so much about how a company spends its money, but about how a company makes its money. We believe that the hallmark of corporate responsibility is how a company does business.

At Locust, we believe it’s possible to offer Consumers, premium soccer equipment and apparel that contribute to more equitable global trading relationships. Furthermore, promote sustainable manufacturing practices such as excluding child labour from production.

Our priorities include ensuring that we strive to operate with integrity so that we can fulfill our corporate values;

Customer Focused
We strive to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs, to meet or exceed their expectation.

Respect for Others
We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in everything we do. It is our firm held belief that honesty and integrity engender trust.

Environmental Focus
It's about choices in manufacturing methods, materials and business process that support and sustain products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
We set high standards in all aspects of our business, measure our performance against those standards, and focus on continuous improvement.

This is the key to our success. Success for our customers depends on everyone’s cooperation and mutual support. Respect for all those with whom we interact is an essential element of all positive and productive business relationships.

Environmental Sustainability

Locust understands the importance of balancing the needs of our business by respecting the earth’s resources. In our manufacturing practices as well as our business operations, our goal is to minimize environmental impact and help protect our planet for future generations.

Environmental impacts occur at all stages of the lifecycle of our products, from product design to disposal. We have adopted a systems-based approach to managing our environmental impacts in our manufacturing facilities and in our supply chain. Within the life cycle of our products there are two points in the product design and development process where we can make a significant difference to the company’s environmental footprint. The first is improving the materials that go into our products, and the second is tackling factory pollution.

We believe that natural fabrics are one of the key building blocks to improving the well-being of communities, both at home and abroad. Organic agricultural techniques are healthier for farmers, consumers and the environment. Since 2006 we have been a pioneer in introducing fabrics made of soft natural fibers that offers moisture wicking, odour reducing and antibacterial benefits that are blended with UV inhibitors to protect the athletes.

Locust Earth is a 100% nature-friendly product line, directed to the environmentally-conscious consumer that believes that individuals can and should play a role in our planet’s future.

Community Engagement

Companies both large and small can help the communities and countries in which they do business, simply through their day to day business decisions and actions. At Locust, we believe in building prosperity by contributing to the health and wellness of the global communities that is touching us each day in one way or another. Locust focuses on the children of our communities.
We support a broad range of community initiatives through donations and sponsorships;

Help Kids
This program was launched in 2000 to support the less fortunate children to play the game of soccer.

Soccer Ball donations to Africa
This program is unique and at Locust, we believe the ball is the best toy that man has ever invented. Locust donated in 2007 over 1,000 soccer balls to Africa. Our goal is to donate one million Locust soccer balls to Africa by 2015.

Product Sponsorship
We do product sponsorship programs to inner city communities in North America since 2003.