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Locust FAQ's


What is Locust's mission?
What is Locust's vision?
Is Locust a Danish company?
I want to work at Locust. Where and how do I apply?
Where is Locust Headquarters' located?
Where is Locust Marketing and IT office located?
What is Locust toll free numbers?


How can I subscribe to the Locust newsletter?
Is it safe to purchase online via
Will my individual information be shared?
Credit Cards accepted at Locust?
Any alternative Payment methods?
Shopping at
How do I order on line at
How can I send an idea/suggestion/feedback for product improvement/development?
I found a product that I would like to purchase but didn’t see a buy now button. Can I still order it?
I would like to purchase an item but I can't find it in the option I want. Can I order it anyway?
Can I ask you for a bill/invoice?

Customer Service

Can I personalize my Locust product? (Ex.: Name on back of the jersey)
For how long are Locust products under warranty?
What is the procedure to exchange/return a product?
I found a product on the E-catalogue that I would like to purchase. Can I order it?

Prices and Reductions

What is the dollar ($) currency used at
What currency will be charged on my credit card?
Do the prices include Sales Tax?
What is the Locust Discount Code?
How can I obtain the Discount Code?
How should the Discount Code be used?
How can I obtain the Locust Bonus Point?
How can I use the Locust Bonus Points?
How much does the shipment cost?
How do I know if I am buying in Bulk?


Where can I find Locust products in my area?
My Company needs products customized. Can Locust do it?
What kinds of technology are used in Locust products?
What is different about 'Locust Earth' products?
I own/buyer/belong to a club and would like to purchase Locust products. What is the procedure?
How should I clean my dri-Performance products?
How should I clean my Locust 'Earth Friendly' garment?
How do I take care of my Locust ball?
Why is my Locust ball losing air?


Which stores carry locust products?
How can I become a dealer for Locust?
How can I be a Locust distributor in my country/region?


What teams, leagues or associations does Locust support?
Does Locust sponsor teams?
Does Locust sponsor individual players?
What is the procedure to apply for a sponsorship?